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Principal's Message

It is rightly said “School is the temple of learning”, a second home where a child learns and imbibes values, difference between good and bad, discipline rules and regulations, social etiquette, interaction with others.

The school motto is “Seek Ye Wisdom”, wisdom that comes from above.

The Bible tells us the importance of wisdom. When God appears to King Solomon and asks him to ask for anything from God and God would grant him, his request. King Solomon could have asked for wealth, long life, Vengeance for enemies, but he asked God to give him Wisdom to rule his people in justice and righteousness and know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. Everyday we have to make a lot choices, choices that build or destroy us.

The choices we make in life, make us and determine our success or failure. Everything in life is a reflection of choice we make. Let us then make the right choice to be kind and patient, disciplined, obedient and docile, be regular and prompt in studies and other responsibilities entrusted to us.

Sister Meena

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