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Sophia loves you and misses you. I'm sure this pandemic time has helped you to know your family better. It is a time to cherish the best moments of life with your family members. You have experienced love, warmth, concern, joy, happiness, sharing, and forgiveness in your family. God tells us in His Word how much He loves us and accepts us, and even though He already knew every mistake we would ever make, He actually chose us for Himself. We read it, but we have a difficult time receiving it. How could God, Who is perfect, be pleased with us in our imperfections? He can because He separates who we are from what we do. As believers in God our father, we are HIS children. We may not act the way He wants us to, but we never stop being His children and He never stops loving us. Having experienced God's love and blessings, we too are called to be a blessing. 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' For many years, I could quote this verse, but I obviously didn't really believe it because I spent my time trying to be blessed rather than to be a blessing. But I learned we do not even know what 'happy'is until we forget about ourselves, start focusing on others, and become generous givers in every way. Many people learn about giving in holy places, and that's good practice for the way we are to live our everyday lives. Don't merely give offerings; be a giver. Every day, pray to God to show you how you can give of yourself and be a blessing to others. As you become a generous giver, you will be amazed at how happy you will be and how much you will enjoy life. Why? Because givers are simply happy people, and it truly is more blessed to give than to receive. God bless you. Sophia loves you.

Sister Lavina

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